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"the churches were strengthened in their faith and grew larger every day." Acts 16:5

We are committed to working in partnership with the local evangelical pastors and churches of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic to EQUIP, EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE them to preach the Gospel and make Disciples. We are doing this through three branches - LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND LAND DEVELOPMENT.

Under each of these branches are several ministries, each with their own focus but all serving to accomplish our overall vision to EQUIP, EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE local pastors, leaders and churches.

Leadership Development



The heart of the Great Commission, go and make disciples of Jesus, is a long process of continuous investment in the lives of others. Through formal and informal settings we are empowering and discipling the evangelical church, pastors and leaders so they can be better equipped to disciple others. We believe that God has an incredible army of men and women here in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and that it is our privilege to help put spiritual tools in their hands and see them transformed to better fulfill their call. Through our pastoral empowerment program (PEP - a sponsorship program for pastors), SET CAR Bible Seminary, conferences and seminars, we provide spiritual equipment to help them serve and minister well.

If you would like to help us effectively host the many conferences, seminars and teaching events we host and to provide necessary resources to equip and empower the pastors and leaders please click the link to the left to make a donation through CanadaHelps.

Women of Destiny

 Women of Destiny (W.O.D.) is empowering this generation of women leaders to rise up and take their place in the advance of the kingdom of God. This ministry is part of an exciting movement of women who desire to see their homes, churches, communities, and nation transformed by the power of Christ.

To partner with us to help transform women, please contact us or click the button to donate.


Bible Seminary


Equipping pastors and leaders for ministry in a formal, classroom setting, the CARIBBEAN EVANGELICAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY (SETCAR in Spanish - click here to open the seminary webpage) seeks to shape the current and next generation of spiritual leaders of the Dominican Republic and play a part in training future cross-cultural missionaries. With an internationally proven curriculum, top-notch professors, and multi-denominational student base, C.E.T.S. is a necessary, unique, and powerful tool for the Dominican church to prepare their leaders to reach their nation and other nations for Jesus Christ.

If you would like to know more about our Bible Seminary or would like to help us meet operating cost, please contact us or click the button to donate.

Community Development


Community Transformation


Our COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION project began in July 2013 as a response to a tragedy in a local community. When the home of a single mother burnt to the ground and the local Pastor approached us for help we felt strongly that we needed to to help rebuild this home as well as other homes in the community that were in deplorable condition. In addition to building homes we also committed to send each child of the community to school, to improve some of the basic infrastructure and to look for ways to generate sustainable employment. The cost of building one home in this community is approx. $15,000 CND. If you would like to donate toward our COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION project please click the button below or click here for more information.


In partnership with Dominican pastors and Canadian churches, EDMC has helped build and/or repair over 80 churches in the northeast region of the Dominican Republic (full and partial construction). 


Most of the congregations EDMC works with do not have the resources to build their own building and are often forced to use run-down structures, rented facilities, or meet in homes. Providing a simple but well-constructed church helps create stability for the church family, provides a resource centre for the community and acts as a testimony of God's provision.


For approx. CAN$15,000 a simple, sturdy, cement block and tin structure can be built for a congregation in need. If you would like to donate to help build evangelical Christian churches in the DR, click below or contact us for more information.


Child Sponsorship


Caring for Children

Our CARING FOR CHILDREN ministry is made up of two distinct programs - ChildCARE Plus, which is supported through ERDO (branch of the PAOC), and our own, "Tools-4-School" program. 


ChildCARE Plus allows individuals to sponsor a child for $37CND a month. This donation provides ongoing support for a child with school supplies, uniforms, access to nutritious food, healthcare and spiritual nurturing. To sponsor a child or for more information on the ChildCARE Plus program please visit the ERDO website by clicking the button below.


Tools-4-School is a scholarship program that provides the tools children need to attend school for one year. $65CND provides a backpack, 2 uniforms, shoes, notebooks, pencils and more. To donate to "Tools-4-School" please click the button to the left.

For more information on this program please click here for a printable flyer.

God's heart beats for families, created by Him to be the basic building block of human society and social structure. In the Dominican Republic we recognize the need for empowerment programs through the local churches to see families transformed into God’s true intention. In spite of the dire struggles in the DR like youth delinquency, child abuse, struggling marriages and promiscuity, EDMC is seeing great headway as they work hand in hand with the evangelical pastors to bring transformation in families through programs like Women of Destiny, Men of Valour, Girls of Destiny, and Boys of Valour.

To learn more about our FAMILY TRANSFORMATION ministry please contact us or partner with us to make a difference in families. 

Family Transformtion


Land Development



Just 4 miles from the center of Nagua, where EDMC is based, lies a beautiful 27-acre piece of property owned by the PAOC and EDMC, and is designated for a MINISTRY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE and AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT.
It will become the national hub for all EDMC operations in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
Phase 1 Infrastructure and Team Housing: this will provide 5 dormitories, 1 multi-use meeting building, kitchen and dining facilities, storage, laundry and security facility, and infrastructure.
Phase 2 & 3 Conference and Training Centre: this will include a sports and recreation facility and a 2000-person conference centre, with offices, classrooms for seminars, administration and SETCAR Bible Seminary.

In addition to our MINISTRY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE, our land also supports our AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT. This project makes use of the rich, fertile land as it produces passion fruit and coconut that in turn helps fund daily operations of the ministry.

To learn more about this project please click here to visit our Land Development page.

If you would like to partner with us on this incredible project please click the button below or contact us to discuss options.

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