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Meet the Founders


Adrian Thomas was born in the beautiful country of Tanzania, in Tanga, a city along the East Coast. His parents served as missionaries in Africa for 27 years in the countries of Tanzania and Kenya.  At the age of 18, Adrian emigrated to Canada for University.  He graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  Shortly after, he began to work at a medical lab in Toronto.  During his second year of work, he travelled to the United States to attend a Mission Conference in Urbana, Illinois.  It was here

that Adrian had a personal encounter with God, and felt a clear call to pastoral ministry.  Adrian left his job, and attended EPBC for the next three years graduating with an honours degree in Theology.  In his first year, Adrian met Sharon, and they were married shortly after, and their life long adventure of serving God began.


Sharon was born the youngest of three girls to a military family. She lived and traveled across Canada, during those early years. She attended Sunday School through the bus ministry at a local pentecostal church and that is where she found Christ as Saviour. When her father retired from Canadian Armed forces the family settled in Nova Scotia. Upon graduating from High School she attended Eastern Pentecostal Bible College. It was here that she met and married her husband of 26 years,  Adrian Thomas.

After graduation, Adrian and Sharon spent the first 12 years of ministry serving on the pastoral staff of Northview Pentecostal Church and Brampton Pentecostal Church.  After two years of ministry, Adrian was ordained as a pastor with PAOC.  A  number of years later, Sharon was also ordained. On top of their many pastoral responsibilities, Pastor Adrian and Sharon were involved in ministering to MK’s, working with youth, young adults and newly married couples, as well as organizing and leading multiple short term teams to Haiti, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.  In 2000, Pastor Adrian took a team of young people to the Dominican Republic.  During the week, he was asked to share with some pastors, and at the end of the sermon and prayer time, one of the pastors publicly asked if Adrian would come and help the pastors in the Dominican Republic.  Right on the spot, Pastor Adrian felt a clear call from God to resign his church position and commit his life to helping the pastors and churches of the Dominican Republic. Adrian returned to Canada, and shared what God had done in his life with his wife, Sharon.  After a month committed to prayer and fasting, both Sharon and Adrian knew that God had called them to the Dominican Republic.  It was during this time, Adrian began to detail the visionary call God had given him.  Equip, Empower, and Encourage became the three words that formed the foundational direction and vision of this calling.  In 2004, Adrian,  Sharon, and their children Kent, Luke, and Courtney flew to the Dominican Republic with 5 hockey bags of belongings.


During their first two years in the Dominican, Adrian and Sharon worked with New Missions gaining crucial knowledge, information, and training that helped prepare them for the next step.  In 2006, Adrian, Sharon, and their family took a giant step of faith.  Trusting God, they launched out under the banner of Every Day Ministries, and moved to Nagua. The vision of the ministry was to equip, empower, and encourage the men and women in leadership positions that God has raised up in this nation. Our goal was to build up the ministries already established, and not to replace, duplicate, or compete.  In areas that were lacking, we felt a clear call to fill this void, eventually training local leaders to oversee and run these ministries.  In September 2007, they became full time Vocational Missionaries with the PAOC. The Dominican Republic is a new field for the PAOC and as founders of Every Day Ministries Canada they are laying the foundation to build a ministry that will change the nation.  Since then God has enabled Every Day Ministries to expand and duplicate. Under the leadership of Sharon and Adrian, EDMC has helped to build over 50 churches, construct new homes for the needy, establish a North Coast Bible Seminary, scholarship/sponsor hundreds of children, help to start the Women of Destiny and Men of Valour ministries, as well as a Girls of Destiny program that empowers people to fulfill the destiny they have in Christ, purchased and paid in full 26 acres of land to construct a Training and Development Complex in the coming years, provide life changing conferences/retreats/seminars for pastors and leaders, and host numerous short term teams.  With the help of a great team, they have been able to equip, empower, and encourage hundreds and hundreds of pastors, their families, and churches, seen the churches growing in faith and numbers, hundreds of lives come to a saving knowledge of Christ and the sick healed to the Glory of God!! 

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